Please note the list of apps is a small guide to some security apps currently available. There are many other security apps and it maybe worthwhile checking security reviews prior to downing to get the most up to date information. KCC is not associate or affiliated with any or the apps include in the list.

APG Android Privacy Guard lets you encrypt and decrypt single files or emails, for personal use or to share with others, using either public key cryptography or a passphrase.

 K-9 Mail and APG K-9 Mail is a mail client that integrates with APG to allow you easily send and receive GnuPG (GNU is an operating system that is free software PG Privacy Guard) encrypted emails.

KeePassDroid is a secure and easy-to-use password management tool which will store your passwords in an encrypted database on your phone. Also available on other devices.

ChatSecure is an Instant Messaging client that lets you organize and manage your different Instant Messaging (IM) accounts using a single interface. It will also attempt to encrypt your conversations using OTR when chatting with contacts who also use IM clients that support OTR.  (Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) is a cryptographic protocol that provides encryption for instant messaging conversations.)

Obscuracam is a free camera application for Android devices that has the ability to recognize and hide faces. It allows you to blur or delete the faces of those you photograph in order to protect their identities.

Textsecure is an app to send encrypted text messages (SMS) via your phone provider and encrypted messages over WiFi and your phones internet connection as well as storing all SMS and messages in an encrypted container on your phone.

 RedPhone allows you to make encrypted phone calls over the internet. A valid phone number is required to register.